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“Every once in a while a product comes along that is designed to solve a problem for an outdoorsy person, and then it goes ahead and does just that. No frills, no fluff, just a solid solution.” Diane, Hiking For Her

“The more I think about how I will use the Mozy the more uses for it I see. I will be using it for those beach trips when there is no place to change out of my wet suit, cold camping mornings and evenings, and just expanding the temperature range where I can comfortably sit outdoors.” Sara Baird, Camping For Women

“Mozy is the outdoor wrap you never knew you needed but won’t travel without in the future. I could continue to call it a blanket but it’s actually anything but. Whether you’re sitting in the stands watching a sporting event, belaying your partner at the crag on a particularly chilly day, or spending time around the campfire, the Mozy is a game changer.” – Cally, Adventure Rig 

“Mozy is a wearable thermal-wrap that is like a protective blanket you can wear on your legs. It will keep you warm and dry without being another thing to keep up with as you move.” – Sherryl, Mom Does Reviews 

“When me and Rob were sat discussing how good these had been for us in Cornwall, we listed all the other ways in which we could use them– watching Jake at football practice (as it is now outside), on camping trips, on walks, for picnics, outdoor gigs, evening BBQ, star gazing nights or just sitting in the garden in the Autumn/Winter. They are also perfect if you are also doing 1000 hours outside like we are, as these will help you to stay outside for much longer.” - Emma Reed, Emma Reed Motherhood and Lifestyle (UK)

“It’s a windproof, water-resistant, multi-functional lightweight blanket you can wear almost like a skirt. With an adjustable closure system, you can wrap around your waist for sustained heat retention when outdoors. It’s much warmer than traditional stadium blankets and the fasteners won’t snag your clothing.” - Catherine Parker, Carful of Kids

“For whatever your outdoor needs may be, the Mozy wearable blanket is perfect. The only problem is now everyone in your family will want one!” - Cher Kachelmuss, Mom and More

“I’m hard on my gear, so it was reassuring to see how well built the Mozy is – thick, and even stitching, generous thickness to both layers, and a solid feel to it. Nice quality!” - Diane, Hiking For Her

“We think the Mozy should be on our school supply list and every teacher should have one in their classroom. It’s a dream come true for teachers who have be outside for recess. You know the kids don’t mind the cold, but us teachers freeze! I thought Mozy was going to be too good to be true, but I was wrong.” – Penny, Mommy’s Block Party 

“I enjoyed the snug feeling of being encased in softness without being worried about getting wet or dirty. I liked how quickly my legs warmed up, too. Because it wraps all the way around, sitting down on cold surfaces like rocks or picnic benches won’t be a problem.” - Diane, Hiking For Her

“I was working from home in my unbelievably cold basement and threw it around my waist right away. I fell in love as it took away the chill and started daydreaming of all the places I could now be cozy and warm.” - Sara Baird, Camping For Women

“If you like to collect patches from your favorite national parks and hiking destinations, the Mozy lower pockets are the perfect place to display them. No sewing, just stick them on and they stay there no matter what. Move them around in your own unique array of good memories.” Diane, Hiking For Her

It lays flat so it can act as a blanket to sit on the grass, bleachers or bench. No more sitting on cold metal bleachers when you’ve got a soft Mozy to keep you warm and dry!” Bonnie Way, Koala Mom (Canada)

“As a Mom of three school-age kids, those aluminum bleachers are cold and hard. I can keep The Mozy in its carrying case and use it as a cushion. Then as the game heads into overtime, I can put it on and stay comfortable.” - Catherine Parker, Carful of Kids

“Honestly it has been a lifesaver with soccer so far as I have been underestimating how cold it gets at night while I watch my son play. I can’t wait for hockey to start back up as it will be perfect for all those gold ice-arena and bleachers!” - Cher Kachelmuss, Mom and More

“On the second trip to the beach, the wind got up a little too much for my liking and placing a towel over my legs just wasn’t enough so I whipped the Mozy out, simply wrapped it around my body, fastened it in place and within moments I was so happy.” - Emma Reed, Emma Reed Motherhood and Lifestyle (UK)


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