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Mozy's Creator: Charlie

Our Founding Father...

Mozy’s creator, Charlie, just physically couldn’t put on enough layers to stay warm enough during his kids outdoor games.

After a few especially miserable moments he shared with other sideline supporters, like soaking wet jeans and a bitter cold that forced a retreat to run the car heater…

Charlie decided to make use of his thermodynamic and engineering background to create a technical garment for the lower body.

 And that was the start of the wearable thermal wrap for the outdoors now known as Mozy!

Charlie’s patented warmth technology uses the laws of heat transfer and thermodynamics to seal in your own body heat, no external heat sources or batteries required. And is scientifically proven to keep you 500% warmer than a stadium blanket.

Now Mozy has sold over 8,000 wraps nation-wide, helping you conquer the cold. Learn more how Mozy works here

Mozy Mission

Live. Life. Warmly.

At Mozy, our mission is to keep you focused on the excitement of your 'can't miss' moments despite frigid temps, biting winds, or soggy conditions. 

Our commitment is not only to protect and comfort our customers but also to extend warmth and safety to children in need through our charitable partner, Save the Children.

For every order that includes our core adult Mozy product (Wearable Thermal Wrap For The Outdoors) we donate a warm, cozy blanket to wrap around a child affected by conflict; and humanitarian relief protecting them from injury and sub-zero temperatures.

Save the Children is an A-rated 501c3 non-for-profit Charity dedicated to keeping children in the US and around the world healthy, educated, and safe.

Live. Life. Warmly.