Make Your Own Mozy Patches

How to Make your own Mozy Patches


  1. Double-Sided Press-on Patch Adhesive Sheets (Cost approx $5 for 8-1/2x11” sheet)

    Link to a suitable Amazon product  

  2. Sew-on Hook Fabric for Hook and Loop. Hook Fabric mounts to the loop pockets on the MOZY. Hint: 12” or 6” width is best. (Cost about $4/sq ft)     Link to a suitable Amazon product
     Link to a another suitable Amazon product

    1. Premade embroidered patches or printable fabric iron-on sheets. Hint: The Iron-on sheets are stiffer and adhere vetter to the adhesive. (Cost about $3 for 8-1/2x11” sheet).

    Link to a suitable fabric sheet Amazon product
    Link to a suitable iron-on Amazon product

  3.  Roller Burnisher  (25mm Leather Press Edge Roller) Hint: the narow 1” wide models will provide more pressure.(Cost about $12) 

    Link to a suitable Amazon product  

  4. Scissors, non-stick (Cost about $4)  Hint: the non-stick coating helps from getting gummed-up while trimming patches.
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1. Buy or make your own embroidered patch (see Minuteman Press, Fairdfield CT  for custom embroidered hook-backed patches) or design and print patches using an inkjet printer and printable fabric.  See example photo

2. Cut-out patches out. This is optional, The entire sheet can be mounted to loop fabric if wanted

3. Clean fabric side of hook fabric of dirt, dust and oils. Peal-off one side of the double-sided adhesive and firmly press-on the fabric side of the hook fabric.  Make sure to remove all bubbles between the adhesive and fabric

4. Peal-back  the sheet covering the adhesive to expose the adhesive. 

5. Clean back side of of patches of dirt, dust and oils. Position patches on adhesive and press-on being careful to avoid bubbles. If the patches were not cut from the printed fabric (step 2) press entire printed fabric sheet onto the adhesive backed hook fabric.

Hint: The adhesive is very sticky! Try not to touch it

6. Continue to press-on the patches.

7. Firmly burnish the patches to the adhesive using the roller-burnisher.

8. Cut-out Patches

9. Firmly burnish the patches to the loop backing making sure that all edges are pressed firmly and bubbles removed.

10. For stronger bond, let patch sit in warm area for 24 hours.

11. Wait 72 hours before washing.

12. To remove adhesive if necessary use Goof-Off® solvent.