How Mozy Works


Mozy is engineered to keep you mobile and cozy while doing the things you love. The patent-pending, engineered design of our technical garment prevents convective heat loss more effectively than other products on the market. Mozy’s design incorporates concealed elastics that conform to your body, hugging the warm fleece lining close to you while eliminating cold air pockets. Our wrap’s durable outer shell blocks wind and water while keeping your warmth close.




Mobile and Hands-Free

Mozy gives you the freedom to get you on your feet without losing your heat. Your lower body wrap fastens around your waist leaving your hands free so you can hop up and cheer without your blanket falling to the ground.

Simply press the wrap closed along your left side as snuggly as you’d like. Mozy’s snag-free hook and loop border creates a seal that’s easy to adjust and open, while helping to keep you dry and comfortable.

When it’s time to take a stroll, fold up the bottom corners of the wrap and attach anywhere on the lower two pockets or the side loop panel for full range of movement.  

Multifunctional Pockets Featuring Customizable Patches

 Fit what you want, where you want! Featuring two easy-to reach pockets and a carabiner clip, Mozy secures all your outdoor essentials from water bottles to keys, hats, gloves, cell phones, even adult beverages.



The lower two pockets on your wrap are made of loop material and can accommodate any Velcro patches of your choice. Change them up as often as you change adventures.

Between adventures, toss your Mozy in the washer on a gentle, cold cycle and then tumble dry low separately to clean.



Infinitely Adjustable Warmth and Plush Fleece Interior

Mozy not keeps you warm, but also comfy and cozy. The interior of the wrap is lined with a plush, heavyweight fleece that weighs 350 gsm.

As weather conditions can often change at a moment’s notice, Mozy gives you the ability to quickly adjust your level of warmth while wearing your wrap. You can choose to wear Mozy high up your torso, at your waist, sealed halfway down, or fastened snuggly all the way over your ankles - whichever you like! Now you can control how warm you want to be.


Lightweight, Easy Fold Up With Wrist Strap  

When it’s time to pack up your outdoor gear don’t worry about finding a bag for Mozy or adding to an already full armload. Your wrap weighs slightly over one pound and easy folds up for carry with a convenient wrist strip. Just close Mozy, fold the top and bottom back with the VELCRO strip facing up, press and go! 


The Science / Technical Data: 


After spending too many of my kid’s games with freezing legs, our founder Charles set out to develop an improved stadium blanket. Instead, after developing, modeling and testing over 40 different designs, the result was a technical garment for the lower body that was dramatically warmer than a stadium or picnic blanket. The results were so dramatic that he applied for a patent on the technology.

To test the various iterations of improved blanket wraps  controlled engineering tests were conducted to measure the body heat loss as a function of temperature and time. A test dummy wired with thermocouples measured three different products against the unprotected body (control). Tested were jeans, a stadium blanket and The Mozy.

 The chart shows body temperature/heat loss curves comparing the warmth of typical forms of cold weather protection.  The Mozy lost only 6 degrees Fahrenheit, a stadium blanket 32 degrees and jeans 56 degrees.  In conclusion, the Mozy is over 5x warmer than a stadium blanket and almost 10x warmer than jeans alone.