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Revolutionary Wearable Warmth Technology

Experience Mozy's Patented Warmth Technology That's Engineered and Scientifically Tested To Keep You 500% Warmer Than A Stadium Blanket

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Thermal body heat camera shows Mozy sealing in body heat on-location during an Alaskan winter

Patented Heat Retention Design

Mozy’s unique design, created by a thermodynamic engineer, utilizes the principles of heat transfer and thermodynamics to seal in your body heat, preventing convective heat loss.

Warm, Dry & Comfy

Constructed with a durable nylon exterior and a cozy fleece lining, Mozy provides the perfect balance of weather resistance and comfort. Whether it’s rain, wind, or snow, Mozy’s weatherproof exterior ensures you stay dry and warm, making it ideal for all your outdoor adventures.

Hands-Free Adjustable Warmth

Mozy is wearable and stays on securely when up/down, to & from! Mozy’s warmth is fully adjustable for changing temperatures.

After exposure of the skin to 37° at 10 mph winds

Heat Loss When Wearing Mozy Compared To Jeans And Blankets

Engineering heat loss tests demonstrate that Mozy retains at least 5X more heat compared to a stadium blanket

Rate Mozy 4/4 in Effectiveness
Says Mozy is easy
to use
Saw excellent speed of results

*Results according to consumer reviews

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How Does Mozy Prevent Convective Heat Loss?

Convective heat loss is the process of cold air molecules replacing warm air molecules nearest the skin's surface. As cold air molecules replace warm air molecules against the skin, you experience the loss of body heat and the sensation of being cold, such as chills and shivering.

Mozy prevents convective heat loss by preventing this replacement of warm air molecules with cold air molecules as seen below: 


Cold air molecules easily replace warm air molecules at the surface of the skin

Jeans GIF.gif__PID:6b8b6dd3-ff4b-4238-82d4-b550cd85f193


While a stadium blanket provides a protective layer, without the thermodynamic design of the Mozy, cold air molecules still replace warm air molecules at the surface of the skin.

Stadium Blanket GIF.gif__PID:e3d26b8b-6dd3-4f4b-a238-42d4b550cd85


Mozy patented thermodynamic design doesn't allow for the molecular transfer of cold molecules, sealing in your warm air molecules to keep you 500% warmer.

Mozy GIF.gif__PID:6f04ca9a-e3d2-4b8b-add3-ff4b223842d4

Real Stories From Mozy Users

Will never go without

Love that I can put it on and it stays on hands free when up, down, to/from the car, to/from the concession stand! Will never go without!

Shawn F..png__PID:3c02dd2f-85c9-4a78-81f2-9994650b2369

Shawn F.


I like its versatility. Curling up on the sofa to read in my Mozy. Wear it outside in the early morning hours to view the lunar eclipse.

Mary A..png__PID:dd2f85c9-0a78-41f2-9994-650b236951d7

Mary A.

So toasy warm

Used the Mozy at a very cold track meet for the first time AND I WAS SO TOASTY WARM! I've been telling everyone about this product since!

Stacy P..png__PID:85c90a78-c1f2-4994-a50b-236951d79b0d

Stacy P.

Super easy to use

It is super easy to use and keeps my legs so warm! Being a football cheer & track coach I wish I had known about Mozy sooner!!

Danielle K..png__PID:0a78c1f2-9994-450b-a369-51d79b0de0a7

Danielle K.

Cold weather go-to

No more bulky pant and long underwear that can over heat you and cannot be take off while on the go. Mozy is my cold weather go-to.

Diane R..png__PID:c1f29994-650b-4369-91d7-9b0de0a7d6b6

Dianne R.

Easier to transport

Now we have Mozy we're not dropping blankets on dirty ground. Also, SO much easier to transport than bulky blankets.

Abigail M..png__PID:9994650b-2369-41d7-9b0d-e0a7d6b6dea2

Abigail M.

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