Partner With Mozy as a Sponsor for Your Team's Spring Season

Thermic Innovations is proud to support the children in our communities along with their schools and athletic programs. Read more about our sponsorship options below if you'd like to partner with Mozy for your team's fundraising efforts this season! 

Q: Our team has an upcoming event and will be auctioning off items to raise money for our season. How do we get in touch with you for product donation consideration?

A: We'd love to discuss partnering together for your fundraising event! Drop us a note here with your organization's name, the date of your event, and how you heard about Mozy and we'll be in touch within 1-2 business days 

Our team is looking for monetary support only at this time. Are there other ways that we can still partner together?

 Yes! For 501(c)(3) organizations we can generate a unique sales code that marks 25% of all sales made from your code as a cash donation back to your organization. Send the unique checkout code out to your network, and anyone who buys a Mozy using your code will get 20% off their purchase! Thermic Innovations will then donate 25% of their order total back to your team. Contact us for more details or to get your code!

Do you offer wholesale pricing if a group of parents wants to make one larger purchase together?

Yes! Drop us a note here or email for more details. Please include a rough idea of the number of Mozys, colors, sizes and models you'd be most interested in and we'd love to discuss.

Can I Order Custom Patches with my Team's Logo? 

Yes! Any hook backed patches work with Mozy's front two pockets. You can make your own, or place a custom order through our Made For Mozy patch site here

My team doesn't need more sponsors but I'd like to help spread the word about Mozy and make some extra money myself. Do you have an ambassador program for individuals?

 Yes! We'd love to have you as a Mozy ambassador where you can earn rewards at your own pace. Everyone who signs up will receive their own personal discount code for an opportunity to earn sales commissions! Click here to tell us a little more about yourself and get started.

What if I'm interested in all of the above? 

Great! Drop us a note here or write us at to get started.